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The Hearts That Never Heal,     ​Coming soon.

Tiffany J Fenton

Producer/Executive Director

Carter Mangan Jr.

Producer/Executive Director

Joyce Mcmillan-

Consultant Producer

Vanessa Willams


Amira Richardson


Akelae Spring


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"YerrrMedia, LLC is a multi-media ​production company producing ​digital content that focuses on ​telling stories affecting the black ​community."


"I envisioned an online platform dedicated to digital ​activism. The idea was to have uncensored and ​meaningful conversation centered around art, culture, ​and community."


-Raymond ​Tariq Spencer

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"The Hearts That Never Heals is a documentary about organizations that advocate for families to regain custody and create state and federal reform.  Going down the rabbit hole we carefully unpack the pain inflicted and the generational trauma that has become a casualty of politics revolving around the system of child protective services.

Speaking with those who are on the ground, professionals, and  parents directly impacted,  their answers showcase solidarity towards goals of reunification, education, healing, and a call to action.

Conflicting ideologies about the systematic infrastructure that produces the policies to implement change allow us to examine a  very complex dialogue that layers subjects pertaining to our nations history, human psychology, economics, health, and societal issues that shapes communities and its vulnerable demographics. 

We present to viewers an informative and dynamic  film that presents facts, opinions, concerns, and answers within the legal  context of parental and child's rights and challenge them to critically think about who ultimately gets to define it."

- Tiffany J Fenton


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Yerrr Media & Off The Roc, LLC present “THE HEART THAT NEVER HEALS” in association with

Executive Producers Tiffany Fenton & Carter "Roc" Mangan Jr.

Consultant Producer, Jmac McMillan, Directed by Tiffany Fenton & Carter "Roc" Mangan

The Hearts That Never Heal is an independent co-production of Yerrr Media, LLC and Off The "Roc" Music ​Group © 2022